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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

VOTE NOW! 40 Greatest Classic Rock Singers

Q107 The Legends of Classic Rock Presents: "40 Greatest Classic Rock Singers of All Time" as chosen by YOU!

"As in previous Legends polls, we're going to do this right," says Legends host Jeff Woods. "Classic Rock fans are the most passionate in the world and we know when it comes to singers they'll definitely have an opinion."

Don't we know it! "Definitely!" "The most passionate in the world!"

Led Zeppelin has long been named the Most Influential Classic Rock Band and Jimi Hendrix as the Most Influential Guitarist.

NOW VOTE for the Greatest Classic Rock Singers of All Time...

You can select up to three favorites and also submit your own if your favorites aren't listed.

I voted for my three! Any guesses? Steven Tyler baby, first one! Then I had to choose between AC/DC, Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen. It was tough!


VOTE NOW! Until May 11th, 2007

The results will be revealed in a four-week, four-show series, running from mid-May to early June, counting down from 40 all the way to the Greatest Classic Rock singer of All Time.

Stay tuned to Q107 The Legends of Classic Rock.

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