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Monday, May 7, 2007


We all exchange words.
Nothing is more powerful than words and is in the attitudes in which we share them...

a) Dejamoo - the feeling you've heard this bull before.
b) "You demand mental compatibility in order to be turned on, and you're not likely to let anyone dance with your body if they can't also dance with your mind."

It takes confidence to say what's on your mind and let's you share with others. When I can scream Dude Looks Like A Lady at the top of my lungs - well what is more powerful than that!

"I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun." -Katharine Hepburn BTW: Katharine would have married if she weren't being herself :)

Born Talent:
There are secrets in the hands of an ancient storyteller that give life to the voice of a sleeping soul. No idea where that just came from! Give me a pen or keyboard and the words are there that I can see them before I have even had a chance to think about them. I have not yet researched this to understand how or why that is - but perhaps it must be talent?!

Though we are born of a science we do not understand - we certainly connect with life and loss. Awareness then reaches beyond any border imaginable.

As a writer, singer, songwriter, or musician, to name a few, you have the opportunity to draw out in people what's more than likely there, but what no one has given attention to - and that's pretty powerful, don't you agree?!

Leadership & Responsibility:
Then there's the responsibility in words: requires a leader with enough courage to say or write them; to represent a strength in who they are; to stand on solid ground and stay true in who they are. You have an opportunity to lead a country or reach the entire world...

And there's something really fascinating about that.

Hey, like Snoopy :)
  • Everyone has a gift. Offer support to a dream and encourage many lives.

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